mike550 mike550
Hello! First visit, first post here :)

I need to print onto clear pieces of acrylic/plexiglass and am having trouble with what ink to use. I've seen the Jacquard Screen Printing Inks and am wondering if they'll work on such a smooth, non-porous surface... I've tried a few inks with no luck; the ink either stays wet too long and smudges (causing a nice crisp print to eventually lose it's definition) or "pools up" in tiny bits due to lack of surface tooth (meaning you can see light through parts of the printed design, while some parts are perfectly opaque but "bumpy"). Would I have that problem with Jacquard's inks?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... Cheers :)
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Dear Mike, You're in luck. I have been waiting for this question for awhile so I'd have the oppurtunity to beat my chest about Jacquard Professional Screen ink on plastic.

Jacquard's Professional Sreen Ink, not Vesatex in this case, will give you a smooth hard print on plexiglass and vinyl. It takes awhile to completly set to full hardness, maybe 3-4 days, but it can be touched and handled after 3-5 hours. You can also speed the process with heat but it is hardly worth it. You will be surprized at how durable the final print becomes.

The difficulty in printing on plexi is to attain a smooth, even image especially over a large area. The ink will lay down evenly through the screen, but when the screen is lifted the ink may have a tendency to stick to the screen, or vis versa. This "stickyness" will mottle the print. You may need to add some water to the ink to break this adhesion. In other words, you'll have to fine tune the viscosity to suit your screen.

Also, if you need tranparency it is amazing how little actual colorant you need. You may want to mix the color with Colorless extender #100. Or more likely, add color to extender. Good luck! Let us know how it works.
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mike550 mike550
Hi mkatz!

That's exactly the advice I needed! The Professional Screen Printing Ink was what I found in an art supply catalog and it made me investigate Jacquard's site... I'm off to place an order in a bit and will let you know how my project turns out. Thanks for the prompt reply!
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abeer abeer
Hello! First visit, first post here
i need your help iam starter graphic design and i need to know how the resolution will be when i design on the photoshop before i send the file to the printer i can make the resolution 120c/inch or not that
correct that please??

Any help would be greatly appreciated... Cheers
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johnwtennis johnwtennis
Hi, I am hoping someone will update this thread. What happened mike550? How did it go screen printing on plexi with Jaquard?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Hi, I used to print on CD's when I was in a band with this ink, and while you can scratch it with your fingernail the first 24 hrs, after 72hrs it becomes very touch and scuff and scratch resistant even on hard surfaces like plexi or glass. It really does work and we sell it to people all the time because they want to print on unusual surfaces and cannot heat set. No heat set required.

Even this ehow article that we are in no way affiliated with suggests using our inks for a surface like plexi.

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