SusanSmithEvans SusanSmithEvans
I am an experienced screen printer, looking at your products on line for the first time, and am considering using them to teach a workshop at a facility where there will be very limited access to my usual screen printing supplies and equipment. What reclaimer do you use to remove exposed photo emulsion? Also, what is the heat-set temperature for the inks on fabric? And how do you recommend heat-setting the printed fabric?
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Asher Asher
We use diluted bleach to soften our emulsion and reclaim the screen. We recommend covering the screen with paper towels and wetting the towels with bleach (I use Clorox). Allow them to sit wet for up to 45 minutes and then wash out the emulsion with water.
Heat setting is usually done at the highest temperature appropriate for the fabric, after the ink is COMPLETELY DRY. A dry iron works best. We usually iron the backside first, and then the top side through a thin piece of fabric or paper.
Our professional line of ink does not require heat setting if you can allow it to air cure for at least 72 hours (although heat setting can never hurts). This might save you some time and energy...
We hope you like the ink and we'd love to hear any feedback. If you can, let know how it works for you and your workshop.
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rikki0212 rikki0212
This is some really helpful info about screen printing. I like to get to a screen printing portland oregon business for some help. Thanks again for the post, really helpful!
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