I have seen that others have asked this question but I have not seen an answer. Is there a shelf life for your silk dyes?  If so, what is the shelf life for green label and what is the shelf life for the red label.   Does your chemical fixative have a shelf life? 
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
I have used really old fixative maybe 10 years old and it still worked, so I think there is no shelf life on those.

As for the red and green label they are really similar and the same colors are the same dyes, but in slightly different forms.  They are reactive dyes, so they are not as stable as some other dyes like acid dyes.  Acid dyes are stable in water forever basically, but for the red and green label dyes we are talking probably more like 5 years.  We are still using some here with good results that are even older than that, but I think 5 years is good rule of thumb for a guarantee that you will get full color.  
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