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I am doing two sets of projects - one with a boy scout den, then one with my family. These are both for father's day so are going to be done fairly close together. I am using the powdered procion MX dyes.

I'd like to make the solution in advance but want to add a little alginate
this year because I find that the water-only solution comes out too quick (probably more a fault of my bottles, not the dye).

How far in advance can I make it?

Can I add the alginate to the dye the day of the project and expect it to dissolve?

If I can make it in advance with the alginate, should I keep it in the cool basement (55/60) or the cold fridge (38 to 40) or , keep it room temp (68 to 72)?

How long can I keep the left-overs before I have to use them or throw them out?

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