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I have been printing on the silk chiffon for a long time with my epson pigment based wide format printer.
The prints have slowly shrink over the best years as much as 12 percent. I don't steam them as I did not think you should but I am concerned over this shrinkage as they are for art pieces and they hang over (but not attached to) another printed piece on paper. Any thoughts on this. For example I did a 36 x 36 piece has shrunk about 10% in width and 9%in length. Again this is happening over time. Starts out at the correct width and length and then slowly shrinks.
Help would be appreciate. It says you can not dry clean but I am wondering about dry cleaning if that would take the shrink out.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Barb,

I'd recommend you call InkJet Fabric Systems: 707-473-9080 or send them a note to 707-473-9080
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