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I just got a very nice king size Ann Gist "ready to Bed" silk bedspread. It is a light weight quilt and the color is Ivory. It has some slightly darker discolorations. I just washed it but did not use any Stain remover or Oxyclean. Needless to say the discolorations are still there. I got this at a yard sale so I don't know how this happened. There is no "edging" to the discolorations like a liquid stain such as urine, water etc would make . In fact the closer you look the harder is it to see it.
So any suggestions for getting rid of the discoloration?
I have no objection to changing the color either. We have a softened water and I can get it very hot if needed. I don't know anything about dyeing so I an checking here second. The Ann Gist folks sent me some of their wash "soap" (which I have not tried) and sample of the ivory spread to test the dye first.
Thank you for your assistance
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

I would recommend giving it a good wash with a stain remover such as oxiclean first. If that doesn't work you could try dyeing it but that may only highlight the stains and not cover them depending on what they were caused by. Here is a link to our dye pages for both acid and procion dyes.


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Kim108, The product of choice to clean this bedspread, and any antique fabric which is stained or discolored, or other delicate fabrics, that bleach could damage is a color remover. A color remover is a reducing agent which acts on stains (not all) but is kind to the fabric. Jacquard's Color Remover (CHM1300) is a mix a soda ash and Thiourea Dioxide but you can also use Sodium Hydrosulfite.
You can do the whole process in a washing machine and hottest water setting-or better on the stove so you can get temperatures of 160 degrees F. Hotter temperatures gives better results.
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