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I am going to use iDye for natural fabrics to re-dye a black silk skirt that has a large area where the original dye had faded. The dress is all black but while the skirt part of the dress is silk, the top is cottom. The top of the dress is fine and doesn't need to be re-dyed.

My questions are:
1) can I just dye the skirt part? If yes, how would I go about doing it since the instructions call for putting the fabric through the wash cycle.
2) Also, should I use a fixture or is vinegar sufficient?

In case it is relevant, this is my first time using a fabric dye.

Thanks for any advice.

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HI Adele,

Probably the easiest way to dye this garment would be to dye the entire piece. Because you are focusing on the silk portion simply follow the instructions for silk on the inside of the packet.
Alternatively you could take the garment apart and simply dye the silk portion...

hope this helps
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