kirsiKoskinen kirsiKoskinen
If one paints with brush, what technique to use when wanting every touch of brush be not spread at all? No-Flow? Only solution?

Is there any way to make No-Flow from corn starch etc?

I am using H.Dupont Silk Dyes.

How the the thickener is used? I have 1000ml of that stuff also.

Yours, kirsi
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
No Flow works the best, but corn starch is also used for this purpose. You just paint the No-flow on the surface to be painted and paint like usual. You will find the silk Colors do not move.

I am not sure which thickener you are using. However, it is generally mixed in with the dye before you paint, so that you get a consistency more like acrylic paint for the dye.
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