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I need a taffeta-like sheen in a smooth fabric - and it seems the rest of the world wants dupioni or shantung. This is for a period dress and it must be as close to authentic as possible. In that era, they rejected nubby silks.
So the question is - how shiny is dyed jacquard and dyed spun silk taffeta? If I understand correctly, spun silk uses shorter fibers and I wondered how that would affect the finished look. Also, I've read that the act of dying reduces the sheen and manufacturers treat the surface to restore it.
Please advise.
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Our Indian Dupion is fairly smooth and quite shiny and lustrous - my best suggestion would be to call our customer service (800 442 0455) and arrange to receive swatches of that and the other silks you are considering.
As for the effect of dyes on silk, it's not been my experience that there is significant loss of sheen.

hope this helps
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