heather525 heather525
I am going to soak my shirts, then tie them (and eventually dye them!) I will temporarily place the tied shirt into a baggie while I tie other shirts since I have quite a few to do.

My question is, how long can the shirts sit tied in the bags before I start dyeing them?

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deb deb
Paula may have more to say about the chemistry of it all, but since I have two kids and often don't get to retrieve all my garments from the soda ash in one day, I've actually had some stuff in the soda ash water for (*gulp*) a week or more that still were OK.
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Diana J Diana J
I've also heard you can let soda ash soaked shirts dry and then dye them at a later date. I think you get a slightly different result as the dye is pulled into the fabric differently when it's dry.

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