Working on perfecting my recipe, I've seen a lot of instructions that advise you to make a stock solution of soda ash in water that you can set aside for future use. I think the general measurements would be like 1 cup soda ash powder per liter of water?

I have done this at home recently for convenience and measure out the stock solution with a syringe for mls.

But working with dye recipes they tend to give the amount of soda ash to be added to a dye bath in grams.

Would that be the same as essentially as ml?

Say my recipe recommends a ratio of 0.09gms of soda ash per gm of fabric so
0.09 x 288gms of fabric = 25.92gms of soda ash.

Would it be the same if I added 25.92ml of soda ash stock solution? Currently I am adding way more of my stock solution since that seems to be too little.

Or would that work if I made a more precise soda ash stock solution, like 100gms of soda ash to 1000ml of water, would that be about a 10% solution? Not sure about the math on that one.

Also does it matter if you dissolve your salt in warm water before adding to the dye bath?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
No problem using a stock solution.  Soda ash is stable in water and does not break down, so you can keep it for a long time. You need to keep track of what the concentration of stock solution is.  

1 cup in a liter of water is  236.6mL (1cup)x 2.532g/mL(density of sodium carbonate) = 599g of soda ash in one liter.  

That one liter can be used for up to 3 gallons of water for astrong solution.  So, you can just add 1/3 of liter per gallon of water.  (If you noticed, since it is is 1/3 of cup per gallon, you have basically changed the cup directions to liters).  Keeping the 599 g/L is the important part because then you can easily convert to grams based on how many liters or mL you add.  

So, if you want .09g of SA/1 gram of fabric first you multiply by the amount of fabric you have x 288grams of fabric = 25.92 as you say.  If you have a 599g/L solution like you suggested you can divide by the 599g/L and get the L of your stock solution you need to add.

25.92 g of SA/ 599g/L = .0433 L of your stock solution.  That is 43.3 mL, so it is not quite 2x what your were thinking.  You just missed one step in your calculation.  

Does that make sense?

As far as salt or soda ash, pre-dissolving is a good idea for either because it stirs in easier and faster.  It will help if you are having trouble with streaks or other artifacts in your dyeing.  
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Thank you so much this does help!
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