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I just bought my first Solarfast dyes, in order to transfer photos on white cotton garments. For some reasons, I would prefer not to use a negative film applied on cloth, but rather use an old diapositive (slides) projector so the textile is used as a screen on which the image appears (I would project a negative of course.

The problem is that, considering the light exposure times on the bottles, and knowiing that solar light is much more powerful than electric light, it would take for hours to make the dye turn.

So my question is : has anybody tried this ? And if yes, does it have any chance to work, or am I just wasting dye and cloth ?

I mean, even if I have to expose for hours, this is ok, but if it just never gets the colour...

Even if this is the case, I wonder if the supposedly " non exposed " parts, the one that are supposed to stay protected by black areas in case of film using, would be sufficiently dark not to become colourful...

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Hi there,

I don't think this will work at all. (although, I've learned to never say never) The reason the image develops is because the negative blocks all the UV - projecting the image onto the dye saturated fabric is not going to protect the 'non exposed' portions of your image from the ambient UV.

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