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Greetings eveyone,
I've been buying pigment dyed pocket T-shirt forever. I am a die-hard loyalist to the feel and worn/vintage look of them. Yes, I do understand that the procion mx dyes are superior in every way, but there it is. So now I'd like to make my own now pigment dyed pocket t-shirts. I want to make my own custom colors and try different manufacturer pocket t-shirt styles/cuts.

I'm simply looking for a guide or advise for solid color pigment dying. I hear people mention the [URL=][/URL] and [URL=][/URL], but I see zero instructions or guides on how to actually do this (complete steps involved). Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

Any help would be very much appreciated. :)


P.S. if anyone has any links/advice on buying high quality/comfort pocket T-shirts I'd also appreciate it.
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jmahorney jmahorney

Sure is quite in here. Ok, either this is a less active forum or pigment dyeing is just not something people know about or do.

Can anyone suggest perhaps another forum(s) or maybe I'm in the wrong section of this forum?
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Hi Jeff,

Pigment dyeing is a bit out of my realm of expertise (which is why you hadn't gotten my two cents worth), but I went asking around here at Jacquard and did come up with a method for pigment dyeing. Please keep in mind that none of us have tried this method so we most definitely recommend testing.
Using the Dye-Na-Flow the basic method would be: 1. Fill washer with enough water (temp 140F) to allow shirts to move freely. 2. Add pretreatment - in this case, you can use our Permanent Dyeset Concentrate. 3. Add garments. 4. Run 20 minutes 5. Drain water, fill and rinse 3 minutes, drain water again. 6. Fill washer with enough water (temp 160F) to allow shirts to move freely. 7. Add Dye-Na-Flow (start at 10% by weight). 8. Add garments 9. Run 10 minutes. 10. Drain water, refill and rinse - may add fabric softener in final rinse 11. Drain and dry.
The 10% by weight suggestion for the Dye-Na-Flow is just a starting place, you may find that you prefer a lighter or darker pigmentation. You will want to clean your washer after using it to dye. Also, these directions can be modified to a stove top method.
And one more time - testing is recommended!

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