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I am a newbee that needs some information about Neopaque colours.

Is Neopaque range of colours utterly matt?. In the case it is not, can any matt varnish be applied to Neopaque without making fabric stiff? Can you recommend one?

I have to paint different colours on the same surface. I have seen here in the forums that Neopaque has to be applied wet on wet for better results when several layers are applied. I want to paint a layer of a base colour and several different colours on a second layer on different areas of the base colour. I guess I cannot apply the second layer while the first is wet without the colours blending. How can this problem be solved?

I do want the paint to stay just on the area I have painted without widespreading further apart. Do I need to use a fabric marker or resist to retain the paint in the painted areas? In that case, what could be the best markers range commercialy available?

Looking forward to receive your replies.

Best Regards.

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Hello there,

[url=""]Neopaque[/url] colors do not have a matt finish - because of the polymers in the paint you will get a bit of sheen.
I don't know of any clear matt fabric paints off the top of my head, but I'd be surprised if there isn't something out there.
As for layering - one way to work that out would be to work a new layer onto an older layer while the paint is still tacky - that should reduce the problem of painting on dry but still allow for some control of the blending. Even so, keep in mind that the fixing that happens when you heat set is dependent on the different layers of paint bonding to the fabric.
The flow of the paint on the fabric is generally going to be minimal - the viscosity of the paint is such that it is quite easy to control.

As always - experimenting is a good idea [i]and [/i]darn good fun.

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notechis8888 notechis8888
Thank you very much, anet, for your kind reply,

just some more questions about Neopaque:

I have in mind using Jacquard Airfix to set the colours rather than use heating. How do you think it will affect the two layers of colours setting? Are results as good as when using heat to set Neopaque paints?

May I use heat setting or Airfix, when you tell me that the setting depends of the two layers of colours bonding to the fabric, do you mean that setting of more than one layer of paint would be a problem?

And what could be the problem? The paint creasing or peeling off or a
rough finish o a stiff fabric?

I plan to use Neopaque on synthetic fabric. Will the paint be more difficult to set or the results worst: peeling off, stiffness, rough finish or creasing?

Looking forward to receive your reply.

Best Regards.

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