arrythmias arrythmias
Wasn't sure where to put this.
Anyway, I'm wanting to experiment with pearlescent and metallic effects in my fibers for spinning and was wondering if lumiere would be suitable. My main concern is that it would act sort of like glue and prevent the fibers from drafting. If this is the case (if anyone knows), would pearl ex be more suitable and what binders would you use with it?
I know it's possible to get a pearlescent effect with yarns and I've seen companies do so.. Just a note ^.^
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
This is an interesting question, and I am not sure I am qualified to answer this one. Lumiere is very sticky and is somewhat glue like in terms of its binders. It is meant after all to have maximum adhesion to fabric. I have had success mixing pearl ex with Dye na flow.

While it does not hold the pearl pigment as well as the strong binders in Lumiere, I think it might work much better as it sinks into the fiber more completely and is never tacky after. You should experiment with both, but I think mixing pearl ex with dye na flow could be a very good solution for you. White will act as a very nice base if you do not want any other color in the mix.
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