Dyeforyourlove Dyeforyourlove
Hello Everyone!

First time poster here. Hope you guys can help me (or maybe I've purchased the wrong product for the job!). Anyways, I accidentally rubbed off the grey coloring on a pair of 100 percent denim jeans when trying to remove a stain. Theres a light blotch there now. I purchased some iDye Silver Grey to return the spot back to a similar color of the jean so the light area isn't so apparent. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a method for mixing this powder and applying it to the denim for the spot. The spot is about 1" x 1" so it is small. I figure some sort of spot dying technique exists (can't seem to find anything on these forums that are specific to the product I got), although from the research I've done, it appears that this specific dye is used mainly in washing machines for full exposure dyes. Hopefully something exists to help me!

Thank you!

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Victoria Victoria
iDye requires VERY hot water to work. We here at Jacquard make 2 paints that would work much better: Dye-Na-Flow for a watercolor look and Neopaque for more opaque. Do some testing to see which one you like best. Once you’ve applied it to your pants allow to air dry then heat set with a dry iron for wash fastness. These paints are specially formulated for textiles and will not be stiff once washed.
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