Anne Anne
Can you pls explain the reasons behind not using the same utensils for dying and cooking? We only have 1 large s/s pot at home & I was going to use it to dye a dress then scrub it clean afterward.
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JennyR JennyR
As an art materials manufacturer, we are always going to endorse good housekeeping and safety. We do not recommend using dye pots and utensils for food because dyes and many dye auxillaries are chemicals and should be kept separate from foodstuff.

Hope that clears things up.

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pburch pburch
A good alternative, for plant-based fibers such as cotton, and for silk, is to use a cool water fiber reactive dye, such as Procion MX dye. You can use it in a plastic bucket or in the washing machine, without any need for a cooking pot. This is one of the reasons why I consider Procion MX dyes safer than all-purpose dyes.

For a relatively inexpensive dyeing pot, looking for canning pots made of either enamel-covered steel or of stainless steel.

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