JulieR JulieR
I am new to this art and am looking for tips. Which paint or dye would work best for stamping on tshirts, tablerunners or scarves - cotton, silk or snythetics? So far I tried Luminiere,. Loved the colors- but it was very thick, and I did not like the feel of the fabric after setting and washing it...if I thin it will it keep the bright colors? I would rather it not sit on top of the fabric, as Luminere did. I also tried acrylic paint with a textile medium added - it was just OK, but i think there must be better options after looking at all the paints and dyes you have available. I also want to be able to brush on some paint/dye that would be free flowing on my fabric/garment -no boundries- then go back and stamp over it. Thanks for any help you can give!
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