KathyIF KathyIF
I am going to begin to steam set my silk Jacquard Green Label silk paintings and silk ribbon. Is there a formula to calculate the amount of fabric and the time to steam set? I am just getting back into dyeing after a number of years in a different direction.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Here is a link to our basic instructions page…


It’s always a problem to accurately estimate steam times per weight or yardage of fabric because the length of time that the bundle will spend in the steamer will be determined by the effectiveness and size of your steaming apparatus. Start with an hour and work upwards from there. The most important thing is that the steam and heat penetrates through the entire fabric bundle for at least an hour…for thicker bundles add more time. Make sure that no condensation or water touches the bundle as that will leave marks.

Regards Celia
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