Judy Mc Judy Mc
I've done shibori using acid dyes as the base color and green label as the overdye. I would like to keep the pleated texture so I know I have to soak in acetic acid (vinegar). I'm stymied about how to steam though. I think I have to keep the silk on the pvc pipe I've wrapped it on, right? What is the best way to steam? Maybe stick the pvc pipe into a large pot on the stove? Using foil as a lid to keep the steam in?

The bigger question is how not to get the silk wet. Thanks for the help!
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

I would think to keep the Fortuny type pleats that you may want to keep the fabric on the poll to steam it. I would think that the pleats would steam out otherwise. I don't think you should soak the silk in acetic acid but rather add that to the dye bath or dye that is to be painted. To prevent the silk from getting wet suspend it above the water and wrap it in unprinted news print. This should act like blotting paper and will help prevent color bleeding onto areas where you don't want it. Cover the bundle with tin foil to prevent condensation drips staining the fabric during the process.

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shibori-borealis shibori-borealis
Your set up would much depend on the size of the pipe you're using. I steam in a large canning steamer on the stove top; it accomodates a 6 inch diameter, 12 inch pipe perfectly. I lay the pipe over a rack that's set on top of another old pot (without the handle!) at the bottom of the canner. I wrap the pipe in saran... but I'm looking for that bleeding effect.

Have fun with it! Shibori is nothing but pleasant surprises.
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