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I work in a yarn shop where we use Jacquard dyes. I am aware of the general safety concerns, but what about this one:

The way we steam our yarn is as follows:
We use propane to heat a large pot (think Crab pot size). The yarn is placed inside the "steamer" across a grill (think bbq, which has a tendancy to rust). I stand 3 feet away from the propane and the steam for 5-8 hrs a day. While the yarn rests on the grill it drips extra dye into the pot that has the boiling/steaming water. I lift a plastic lid (think a lid from a storage container/tote) and the steam rushes out into my face and into our building (it has a very high ceiling, a garage door I crack-- but for goodness sake, I live in SE AK and it's COLD out there so I don't keep it open all the way!) This "steamer" is not vented to the outside. All of the steam/vapors hang out in our building. This was a home made contraption my boss had her husband make.

I am worried about vapors in the air. I have noticed I cough more. I have been working at this place for about 4.5 mos.
So what do you, anyone, think about this method?
Does anyone have any suggestions for dying mass quantities of yarn and steaming it another way?
Any thoughts are appreiciated.
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