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I'm having real trouble finding information about spray stenciling fabric, so I hope you can help.

I want to stencil some cotton knit - either yardage or pattern pieces for making clothes - and I'd prefer to use procion mx (in a spray bottle) rather than paints. The stencil needs to be fixed with temporary adhesive so the fabric must be dry - either pre-treated with soda ash, or with it added to the spray.

The problem is that this is such a small amount of liquid on the fabric, and according to Paula Burch's website it needs to stay damp but at a highish temperature for long enough for it to take. We don't have enough humidity or temperature naturally so what is the best way to do this, please? I'm not a dyer, just a newbie dressmaker, so for equipment there is just what's available in my kitchen.

I'm a bit nervous about moving the fabric, too, as it would be so disappointing to blur the sharp edges of the design, or transfer dye. How do I avoid that?

Thanks for your help. Su
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
This seems like a pretty difficult project to me. Pretreating with soda ash will work. I would mix the procion with urea to help keep it wet. I would also then try to bag it and leave it over night. It really does need to stay wet or get hot to fully attach to the fabric. Once it dries the chemical reaction stops and you get like 10% of the possible dye vibrancy.

Another option might be something like dye na flow. Dye na flow can be heat set and it is actually a paint, but it sprays wonderfully through a stencil. It will not fade and it does not change the hand of the fabric. I think it would be much easier.
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