SunnyVersace SunnyVersace
I'm new to tie dyeing and I wanted to recreate that sort of "stormy" look that stussy makes on its t-shirts. For example, this one

would anyone know what dyeing method I would have to use and/or other techniques?

here's another example$CrossSellProductPage514$&locale=fr
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Colleen Colleen
Hi Sunny, This looks like a scrunch technique to me.
Try wadding up your shirt into a ball (after soaking in soda ash water solution), wring out really well.
Scrunch and push shirt together into a ball, bind with thread, winding around enough to hold shirt together,
work around the entire ball, and tie off.
There are a lot of ways to apply the dye, depending on what kind of coverage you want. You can drip dye on a plastic garbage bag and roll ball into it, pull back folds, drip dye into them, etc. After applying dye squeeze the ball several times, this will help transfer dye into other areas and give you color graduation. Experiment!
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
That design can be achieved using the low-water method of dyeing. Check out this photo for what the fabric looks like in the container when using lwi method:
It really is one of the easiest methods for achieving beautiful fabrics EVERY time. The tighter the scrunch, the more tone variation and to get the white bits keep the dye level low enough that some the fabric is well above the dye line.
Another way to get that look is the 'brain scrunch'.
Again, to achieve the whiter areas simply apply less dye.

and my apologies to you for the delayed response - i began this response back in July and apparently put it in my drafts to languish!
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