I cant get this product to work right.  I've been playing with it for over an hour and I've mostly just made a big mess.  When I try to pump it up with the bike pump, ink or paint just goes spraying out the top and all over the bike pump parts.  I also cant get it to spray in any kind of even, smooth way, it just looks like a spray bottle or water gun instead of a pressurized can.  Ive tried both higher pressures (60ish) and lower (30ish psi)  Is this an issue with my bike pump, or the product, or me? I'd love for this to work!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

Ok, it is important that the product you are spraying is very thin. It needs to be the consistency of skim milk.  If it is heavier than that, it is gonna sputter.  

When you are pressurizing, make sure the valve is depressed and you don't let it up until you are finished pumping.  You also can't halfway pressurize it and then do it again.  The hose in the bike pump isn't pressurized once you release the pressure the first time, so the can needs to be completely evacuated before you add more air.  Otherwise it will spit paint back out when you try.  
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