HippieGuy HippieGuy
I came across a site where this person tie-dyes using a dye which has all the characteristics of fiber reactive (colorfast, bold vibrant colors), yet does not need the mixing of soda-ash/urea etc. It is non-toxic and she brushes it on (at least in the YouTube video). She then dries the dyed fabric in the sun for 20minutes, each side, and then it is ready to wear.

No washing needed. She calls it, "Rainbow Dyes", but I believe that is a private label name she sells it under.

Anyone familiar with this? Does Jacquard supply such a product?
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pburch pburch
It's just a [URL=http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/fabricpaints.shtml]fabric paint[/URL], not a true dye. That means the color will not be truly solid, and is applied only to the outside of each fiber, so it shows wear more quickly. Fabric paint has its uses, but it will never be as good as a really good true dye.

Jacquard Products sells lots of different fabric paints. Probably Dye-Na-Flow would be the most similar, since it's very thin.

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