donnerbee donnerbee
[font=Arial]My Brownie troop dyed 14 shirts using the Tye Dye Kit. but the kit doesn't contain synthrapol.

Should I wash each shirt seperately?

Should I go buy Synthrapol?

What happens if I don't use it? Will the shirt pick up dye from each other?

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deb deb
In my own experience, as long as I've REALLY REALLY rinsed the shirts a LOT, and as long as I put in some Shout Color Catchers in the laundry, my shirts have been OK. I do use the Synthrapol since I sell the stuff I dye, and I want to be sure there's no loose dye for my customers, so for me that's "insurance."

It's not that expensive, maybe $3.50 for a bottle that should easily take care of the 14 shirts, so if it'll put your mind at ease, I'd go for it. If you can't, though, I'd also not stay up nights worrying.

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pburch pburch
Let the shirts react for longer than necessary. This will ensure that there is no unreacted dye left to permanently stain the fabric in unwanted places. If you allow at least overnight at 70°F or warmer, then all of the Procion MX dye will have reacted with either the fabric or the dye. If you wash the shirts out after only six hours, the colors will be bright enough, but if a dark section of dyed shirt touches a light-colored section, while the shirts are still wet, the darker color will permanently bond where you do not want it to.

Once you've allowed lots of excess time, rinse your shirts in cool water to remove auxillary chemicals such as soda ash, then [URL=][U]wash in HOT water[/U][/URL] (140°F or hotter), and wash two or three times. If your water heater is set to 120°F to reduce the risk of scalding, turn it up just until you're done washing out excess dye.

[URL=][U]Synthrapol[/U][/URL] is a nice detergent, and worth buying, but it is not necessary if you allow the excess time and use sufficiently hot water to wash out the dye. It's handy that it is pH-balanced (instead of highly alkaline like most laundry detergents), and it's nice that it lacks optical brighteners, but neither of these qualities is absolutely necessary.

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