seeking advice on technique / product for airbrush painting flexible plastisol castings.
have used Pinata reduced with denatured alcohol ( >95%ethanol ) where  the surface was not indelible after 48hrs & transferred when rubbed.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Did it still feel tacky to the touch?  It sounds like it may not be curing, especially the rubbing off.  This could also be an issue where you have diluted the binder too much with alcohol?  What are you approx ratios of alcohol to ink?  I wonder if the clean up solution would give you the same issue or not...

This is for fishing lures?  I wish I knew more about the plastisol material.  It is soft and rubbery right?  I think pinata probably would be my best guess in terms of our product.  Of course people add pearl ex inside the plastisol when it is transparent.  
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Pinata was not tacky to the touch, just easily rubbed off by light touch with paper etc.
mix ratio was approx 15% alcohol.
Yes the soft plastisol is a fishing lure casting. plastisol is a soft PVC thermoplastic. Soft & rubbery ....yes....flexibility is varied with additives ( all being slightly different formulations of PVC, soft & harder ......where the basic plastisol is a medium softness mix & the ratio is varied to suit end hardness desired by adding more of the soft version or more of the harder version). While in molten form the plastisol is variously "coloured with PearlX &/or pigments/dyes &/or glitter. Two colour bodies can be injected , but its time consuming.
What I am trying to do is take a clear plastisol mix with glitter as a cast body & then airbrush colour feature on parts of the body.
airbrushing dyes is not viable as the dye particles bleed into anything in contact.
airbrushing inks ( larger pigment particle size than dyes) works to a point , but the binding matrix is an issue, if its not strong enough it rubs off reducing colour layer thickness progressively & varying the colour.
- artline ink bleeds
- posca ink is reasonable ( but not available as a refill that could be airbrushed etc.)
Posca I believe is a waterbased acrylic matrix base with a very fine pigment particle size.........not sure if Jaquard has a similar type of product.

when you talk of Pinata curing............what sort of binder matrix holds the ink pigment together after the alcohol evaps.
since original post I have painted Pinata unaltered & after 48hrs the surface still rubs off rather easily.
Any further ideas ????

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