LindainReno LindainReno
I have a white 100% Irish Linen dress, with a linen lining, that I'd like to dye black. I have my Procion MX Dye, soda ash, etc., and am ready to go. My problem is that the washing instructions for the dress say cold water only and the dyeing instructions say to use hot water. What is this going to do to the fabric?

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pburch pburch
There appears to be a typo on the Jacquard [URL=][U]instructions[/U][/URL] . It says "hot water" but then specifies 105°F, which is not hot at all. 105°F is only warm water. Hot water is 120°F to 140°F, or hotter.

You can use Procion MX dyes at temperatures as low as 70°F; they will take longer to react at this temperature than at 105°F. For a solid even color, use a five-gallon bucket and stir and stir and stir, adding the soda ash in parts, some time after the dye and salt have been added to the fabric. A [URL=][U]washing machine[/U][/URL] will save you a lot of stirring.

Note that the stitching that holds your linen dress is almost certainly polyester, and will remain white. Sometimes the white stitching looks good, sometimes it does not. Be sure to prewash your dress very thoroughly, to reduce the likelihood of uneven dyeing.

For black, always use two to four times as much dye as you would use for any other color. Since it is darker than any other color, it requires more dye powder.

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