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Does anyone have experience painting rope? I need to add color stripes to some polyester rope ( I tried painting with Jacquard Textile Color paints. However, the paint seems to rub off when wiping with a damp cloth. I tried heating with a heat gun, and also tried using Airfix with the Textile Color... but the color still seems to rub off when wiping with a damp cloth.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
We talked over email, but for anyone else that has this issue. I think that Idye poly is the best option. You can really color the rope so it will not rub off.

Yes the poly rope is so smooth. I know the textile says it will work on poly cloth, but I think the rope is just too non-porous for it. I have a couple of suggestions.

Our Idye poly is a dye that can be used on rope. You get really beautiful colors, and they are IN the rope, so it cannot rub off. This is white rope dyed with the poly.

You just boil the rope with the dye and it comes out amazing.

Now it sounds like you do not want a solid color. That is ok, but a slightly different process. I would get some idye poly and then dissolve it in acetone. You can get that at the hardware store or from some nail polish remover. As far as solvents go it is very safe. You can then paint that on the rope. It may take several coats and after it dries, you should rinse it off and if that color is not dark enough, paint it again.

The other option would be painting it with neopaque which is tougher than the textile paint and adheres better. I still think the poly dye is the best. It actually sticks to the poly whereas these paints are still going to be clinging on to the outside of the rope and are subject to abrasion.
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