Andie Andie
I am wondering how long the paints will last after they have been opened?

Thank you
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Andie,

The Textile Paints will last indefinitly as long as they are recapped well and not left in an area of your environment that gets too hot or too cold. They may separate so stirring may be necessary and if they are a bit thick for your purposes it is fine to add water (up to 25%).

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andytee85 andytee85
Latex paint can last longer.but if you can stir it up so it doesn't have lumps, it's still usable.
Oil can definitely dry up so as to be unusable Sometimes it gets a skin on top, if you can remove that and stir the lumps out it's good.
Add latex or thinner to oil based if paint is too thick.
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