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I'm trying to paint some organza fabric with dye-na-flow, but I'm going to need some sharp borders on my paint areas. I originally thought I'd use the water-based resist, but that has to be heat set, and organza tends to melt when ironed. Can I use Jacquard Textile paint mixed with AirFix, as a resist, so I won't have to heat-set it? I'd want to use black Textile as a border between orange dye-na-flow and black dye-na-flow.

On the other hand, could I just paint the whole piece with the orange dye-na-flow and then paint over it once dry with either black Textile or black dye-na-flow? Or would that muddy the orange color?

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The [url="http://www.jacquardproducts.com/products/paints/textilecolors/"]Textile[/url] paint used as you describe will work just fine!

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