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Thank you Annette for your help. I did 2 more practice shirts and they came out 100% better !!! (a mirror image and spiral, also used the tip about using the wooden dowel for the spiral and that came out sharp).I'm getting requests from friends and coworkers for them and have found a store near me that sells the MX dye. (want some different colors and see if I can find a book on Tie Dying). I'm ready to dive head first in and get the "production line" going. Again thank you for your help !!! Jim
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You are very welcome. It's exciting to know you are having such sucess and fun. I'm sure there are plenty of books out there on tie dying, though I can't think of a one. There is a GREAT series of dvd's by Tom Rolofson and Martine Purdy and [url="http://pburch.net/"]Paula Burch[/url] is a really wonderful resource as well.

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