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I've dyed a couple of bras with the violet iDye Poly. First time user of the brand and really really happy with the vibrant result. There is, however, a wee bit of cotton thread in the trimmings that I didn't know, for sure, would be there or matter at all. Naturally, it's only turned lilac. I wanted to ask, if redying with the violet iDye suitable for cotton;

-Could the heat and salt affect the iDye Poly quality or is it completely fixed now washed a couple of times (have read other posts that suggest further dying is absolutely fine but have not seen a post where this question is asked directly)?
-Or could the iDye Poly on the bras affect the natural dying of a sheet of (undyed) cotton put in at the same time?
-What is the maximum time the iDyes (nat and poly) can be simmering for? Could I dye the cotton sheet for 30mins, then immerse the bras separately for 30mins or so?
-Or, being that it is so little cotton in the bras, can a wee slice be chopped off from the dissolvable dye pack? If done, how long would the rest 'keep' for if wrapped in clingfilm/ vinyl glove and kept away from direct heat? This questions applies to iDye Poly also.

Hope this all makes sense! Looking forward to any possible advise.

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JennyR JennyR
If the thread is cotton, then yes you could redye the bra using the iDye for natural fibers. Using the stove top method (simmering dyebath) each of the pieces really needs a 30 to 60 minute timeframe in the bath for maximum color saturation.You could also add or take out items at different points in the dyeing process should you get the depth of color that you want (remember wet fabric is darker than dry fabric). The dyes are really concentrated so you should at least be able to dye 2-3lbs of fabric per packet.

You could also snip off a corner of the dissolvable packet and use less dye. The packet should then be wrapped in plastic and kept in a cool, dry place.

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