yueswoman yueswoman
I'm a first time user of, not just idye poly, but any kind of fabric dye. I did everything right. I bought a second hand pot to dye in, used disposable chopsticks to stir it with and cleared the bench and stove.
The product did not give me any warning that the plastic packet that the dye was in would dissolve if it got wet. Well, it did.
All over my kitchen bench. While I was trying to clean this, the dye got all over the floor, the benches, the stove and, sadly, a large amount of the powder even got into my mothers best cooking pot. The pot is not stainless steel, but I think it is enamelled.
I'm freaking out here!
I cannot afford to buy her a new pot, but I have no idea whether or not this one will be safe to use any more.
Also, what do I clean the benches with? We prepare food on these benches, so I really cannot afford to make any mistakes here.

I'm also more than a little annoyed. If there was a warning on the packet not to let the bag of dye get wet, I would have been more careful and not placed it on a wet bench. Now, it's too late for that.

Please tell me I can fix this!
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

Start by trying bleach to clean the benches. Not sure what kind of finish you have on those but if they are plain wood you can use bleach or even softscrub to clean the color off.

Right on the front of the packet there is the statement "NEW no mess dye packet that DISOLVES in washer". We believed that to be self explanitory therefore not requiring a warning.

Sorry your first IDye experience was so messy.

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