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I have received quite a bit of wonderful advice from this website in the past, and have finally encountered an impossible dye job -I suppose I had just gotten lucky with fabrics before! I purchased a fabulous crinkle velvet textured dress made from 70% polyester, 20% nylon, and 13% spandex. (I know those don't add up to 100%, but thats what the tag says...) Its perfect, minus the fact that it happens to be mostly bright red orange, with a alternative tie-dye effect of yellow, fuchsia, and a warm brown. I snagged it from a thrift store for $10, so no real harm done if this doesn't work out! O, and I forgot to mention, it is dry clean only, BUT seemed to do ok in a simple cold hand wash. I am looking for some solid advice on how one would go about doing this. I would like to simply darken all of the colors in the dress, and am hoping to come out with a darker burgundy theme of colors. Since I know the fabrics are most likely not going to take the dye well, I thought black might be the best option? I would also love your advice on using a polyester dye, but keeping it slightly under boiling for a longer period of time? I read that spandex can withstand temperatures up to 104 degrees. I thought it would be best to steer clear of fabric paints, because I can't image they would work well with the velvet texture. I am not attached to the crinkle effect of the velvet, but obviously fit is important. It is a very basic A-line short shape that stretches in all directions, but mostly horizontally across the body. I'm looking at this project as a bit of a challenge and would love your advice! I know that was quite a mouthful!
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