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I have been a painter for many years , using the "classic" acrylics ( like Liquitex) on canvas.
I recently discovered Dye-Na-Flow, and have used it to paint on silk with the "serti" resist technique and really I love it. The colors are wonderfuly brilliant......!!!!!
I have done mostly scarves.
I would really like to do some silk wall hangings with Dye-Na-Flow on silk.
Actually some of the scarves would be great just hung on the wall with dowels on top & bottom.
Am I correct in assuming that Dye_Na-Flow is actually a very thin acrylic paint and therefore similar in lightfastness to the "tube" acrylics that I have been using on canvas ( like Liquitex, Golden, etc.) ?
I really just want the silk to hang "loose" and "free"...I really don't want to have to put in under glass or spray it (with UV blockers, etc.)to protect it from UV rays. I wantr the silk to retain its light , jewel-like feeling.
Please advise.
Thank You......
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