Lovelypainteddancer Lovelypainteddancer
[size=3][font=Fixedsys]Hi! My [u]22" X 85"[/u] haboti is [u]22" X 82"[/u]. I didn't measure befoe the pre-paint, pre-wash, so maybe it came that way (82"), or the water did it. I followed the directions to the letter. Is this kind of shrinking normal? I am going to buy more wood today cut to the new measurements, for the frame. I was also surprised how much the gold gutta spread. I never used it before. Does the water soluable resist do the same spread?

Also, I bought the hand woven "Thai"? silk. It has some very thick weave and some very thin, also some very dark brown streaks and almost black streaks. I also pre-washed this according to instructs so it is not dirt. Is this normal, and will the [u]thin[/u] spots rip easily?

Thank you!
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Silk can shrink unfortunately when washed up to 15 -20% in some cases. Also our scarves are hand made and as such will have some variation in the size to start with. The streaks could be due to the type of silk that was used. In some instances if it is wild silk that was used it can have some natural material in the weave that can cause these marks. This is especially prevalent in many Thai and Indian silks.
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