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Hello I'm tie dyeing shirts for gifts and I'm in need of help because I need then on the 25th. So I tried doing the video posted on the Jacquard youtube, the one with blackbacked spirals. The design was amazing and I am able to get the pattern but I've noticef that there are parts of the garment that seem to not get enough dye. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I swear I tried to follow the video. I've also noticed that it seems like the colirs are darker when I dye the garment dry. Is my observation wrong? I hope you guys help me. Thanks!
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Hi there,

Try inserting the tip of the applicator into the folds of fabric to apply the dye. Sometimes when folds are especially tight it takes a bit more work to get the dye into the folds.
As for getting darker colors when you dye the garment dry - there may be some mechanical aspect that allows for less spread and more concentration with the dry garment that would give you deeper colors.

hope this helps
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