Brookeallisonwilson Brookeallisonwilson
Hello- I have read several discussions and am still unsure about my options. My church playgroup ( young kids 2-4 ) and moms will be tie dying at the park. Can we tie dry shirts, then soak in soda ash, then dye?
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Asher Asher
Yes, you can absolutely tie dye that way. Many people do and with great success. However, personally I prefer to pre-soak the shirts first thing. This is for a couple reasons: first of all, it actually makes tying the shirts much easier. Wet fabric is just easier to work with when tie dyeing, and if it's going to be wet, it might as well be wet with the soda ash solution. Secondly, it helps you achieve even penetration of soda ash in the fabric. You can imagine if a shirt was tied too tight, the soda ash may not be able to penetrate all the way to the middle of the folds. Pre-soaking before tying eliminates that risk.

Essentially, it is a preference. You can do it in either order. Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a great time tie dyeing with your playgroup! Sounds fun!
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