debc debc
Hi, I am planning a tie dye sock party for a soccer team. What is the best and easiest way to tie dye socks that are 80%acrylic, 14%nylon and 6% elastic? I plan on using one to two colors.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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pburch pburch
You are not going to be able to tie-dye acrylic socks. Acrylic cannot be dyed with the dyes we use for tie-dyeing. The only dyes that work on acrylic are [URL=][U]basic dyes[/U][/URL] and [URL=][U]disperse dyes[/U][/URL], neither of which can be done at room temperature. Disperse dyes are easier to get, but they produce only pale to medium shades on acrylic.

The best way to tie-dye socks is to start with socks that are at least 70% cotton, hemp, rayon, or bamboo rayon. These materials are easily dyed in brilliant colors at room temperature using the [URL=][U]fiber reactive dyes[/U][/URL] in a good tie-dye kit.

What you could do instead is use [URL=][U]fabric paint[/U][/URL], instead of dye. The results will not last as long as fiber reactive dyes on cotton socks, since fabric paints are subject to wear from abrasion. Or, if you're not worried about the damage that heat will do to the elastic content of your socks, and if a medium shade is dark enough, you can tie them and boil them in a single color of a disperse dye such as iDye Poly. (Don't get regular iDye, which is for natural fibers; only iDye Poly will work at all on acrylic.)

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Orion Orion
Hi, I found 80% cotton socks at wal mart and they tourned out pretty bright.
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