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So I've been working on tie dyeing as a craft since early February. I'm getting a better sense at using colours, etc. and I've even gotten to tie dyeing heart shapes or peace signs. But I just cannot seem to make a perfect spiral. My spirals look like spider webs. You can't see it spiraling from the inside to out. What am I doing wrong? I've tried it tighter, or looser but it's still the same. And far too much white. Does anyone have any advice? I'm making a rainbow spiral tie dye for a friend. HELP!
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Hi Sharon,

Thanks for writing in.
Have you checked out our YouTube videos -
- shows the process for the spiral.
You'll notice that she talks about tightness affecting penetration of the dye. The other thing, which she doesn't really show in the video, is that if I want a shirt with little or no white, I will put the tip of the bottle down into the folds of the shirt. There is the possibility of over saturation when doing that, but if you take care it really does make a difference to the amount of white that remains after the dyeing.

hope this helps!
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