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I've bought a plain white king sized duvet set, its a poly cotton blend (52% polyester, 48% cotton) and I'm wanting to do a sort of circles tie-dye pattern using betweet 4 - 6 different colours (I would like a lot of the duvet to be white, I don't need to completely cover every square inch of the duvet with dye). What dye would I need and how much will I need?
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Dear Gabby,

With the poly/cotton blend dyeing might be a bit difficult. An alternative that may be easier would be to use Dye-Na-Flow.
Dye-Na-Flow is a very flowable, transparent paint that can be painted, sponged or dripped onto the fabric. Setting the paint is achieved by either ironing the fabric after it is dry or incorporating the product Air Fix into the paint before applying it.
As for the amount of paint you would need, based on your statement that you would like lots of white remaining I suspect that a 2.25 ounce each of 6 different colors will be sufficient to the desired results.
Here is the link to the Dye-Na-Flow page: http://jacquardproducts.com/dye-na-flow.html
and to the Air Fix page: http://jacquardproducts.com/airfix.html

hope this helps
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