Hey everyone, just came across this forum looking for some info on tie dying denim, in particular a pair of jeans.

I did my first tie dyes a couple weeks ago with a kit, they really didnt turn out too good I used way too little dye and the shirts ended up mostly white. Just the other day I bought a kit where I can mix up my own colors, used more dye this time and redid those first 2 shirts and their ok now, also did a bandana with bullseyes that came out real good.

Now I'm looking to do a pair of jeans, something similar to the ones John Sebastian wore at woodstock (see pic below) Would I be best off starting with the lightest colored jeans I can find, or can I bleach a regular pair of blue jeans somehow...someone told me bleach would eat away at the fabric...Any tips anyone can give me would help.

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