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Hi, Had a tie dying mishap. Did some shirts for a few classes, but one class did not come out well. We folded wrong and half of each shirt really didn't get done (so half of the shirts look nice, and the other has lots of white with little dye. We used soda ash, then dyed, and have already washed and dried them. I was just going to buy new shirts and re-do, but we don't have a lot of dye left. Some suggested to just fill in the other side, by retying the correct way to get to the other side. I was looking and I know I could tie it to align back up and have the "bad" half available. Is this possible to do? Can I put an already dyed shirt back into soda ash? What will happen?
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Hi there,

Your idea of re-dying is perfect. Re-soaking your shirts in soda ash is perfectly fine.

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