jesskav jesskav
I need a tie-dye affect on a crepe fabric. Any suggestions as to how to go about this? I am a costumer and it is for a very specific costume.
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Asher Asher
Are you working with a polyester crepe fabric? Or is it a natural crepe? It will make a significant difference...
If it is polyester, you'll need to use iDye Poly ( This dye requires high temperatures for good color. Your best bet will be to tie your fabric VERY TIGHTLY and submerge it in a boiling dye bath. This should work well. The dye will not be hot enough if you try to put it in a squeeze bottle. Some people apply their poly dye through a squirt bottle and then microwave the fabric (making sure it is wet and covered so as not to set it on fire). I myself have not tried this...
If you are working with a natural fiber, tie-dyeing will be much easier. You can use Procion MX dyes ( in a squirt bottle, just like you would a T-shirt.
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