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I'm hosting a tie-dying party for my 6 year old in a few weeks and I just bought the Jacquard Kit that dyes up to 15 adult shirts. My question is this: is there enough dye in the squirt bottles for this project. We have 12 little girls (12 shirts; sizes 6-8) and when I look at the size of the bottles included in the kit, I just don't see how the dye will last for all 12 shirts. Has anyone used this kit before and if so, did you dye a lot of shirts with it?

For the green dye, the directions say to pour a bit of blue and yellow dye into the bottle. Well, is I do that, how do I make more blue and yellow when the bottles are pre-mixed for a certain amount? I just need some help before the party arrives.


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Noelle Noelle
Hi Heather,

It is possible to dye 12 shirts of that size with that kit, but you would really have to monitor how much dye the kids used. Pre-mixing other colors--like green---will limit the amount of blue and yellow you have to work with. I have a couple of suggestions. Instead of pre-mixing a color like green, you can get the same effect by layering the yellow and the blue. Red and blue layered over each other will make purple. Yellow and red will make orange. You can add just a little bit more water to the dye to cover more shirts and you can separate the colors out to some smaller squirt bottles--this accomplishes a couple of things--more available squirt bottles means that more than one child can have the same color and it makes it less likely that one child will get hold of a color and use all of it on one shirt.

Having said all that.....and having worked with a lot of kids in the past....for myself, I would buy another kit---or some open stock in the colors I liked best. I would rather have a lot more dye available for the kids than have to really watch them and limit the amount of dye they use. You DO have to hold them back a little--very often kids will drench their shirts with dye and end up with a big puddle underneath (if you can find a great deal on cooling racks they keep the shirts up off the table and you can really tell when the dye has gotten through)

Good luck!
Do write back if you have any other questions.

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