LadyM LadyM
Sorry for the vague title but I wondered if there was an area with tips and techniques for using Jacquard textile paints please? (ETA: I've looked at the instructions pages and also skimmed through the projects section but no joy with some of my questions).

My first query is about layering paint. One coat isn't always enough but I don't know if I should be leaving the first coat to completely dry before recoating and should I be heat fixing in between coats?

I've just finished a bunch of tops and on one of them, the paint has cracked slightly after washing. These are supposed to be a gift for a friend so I want to make sure they are completely right before I give them to her. Can I do anything with them now the paint has cracked? Rewash them and then recoat maybe?

I'm getting myself a little confused as I have only just started using Jacquard paints rather than less durable paints, but the technique is different.

Thanks in advance :)
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

You can layer the paint it is advisable to leave it to dry between coats but you shouldn’t need to heat set each layer.

The paint may have cracked because it was thickly applied. Reapply another layer to cover the crack that may work.

Paints in theory are easier to use than dyes but there are some fundamental rules that need to be observed.

The paint in order to be permanent on the fabric requires heat setting... this should be done with a hot dry iron for several minutes.

If the paint is applied to a stretch fabric rather thickly you can experience some cracking so thinner coats are advisable.

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LadyM LadyM
Thanks Celia

I'm definitely going to try diluting my paints a little to see if that helps and it's great to know that I don't have to heat set between coats, one less thing to do!

The fabric I was working with is definitely much more stretchy than the ususal stuff I have been doing so that explains the cracking. I hope my friend won't mind too much.
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