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Hi there!

I'm going to make a kimono for a cosplay that I'm doing, but just because it's cosplay doesn't mean I don't want it to look good and last. The kimono will be white with pink at the bottom fading up into the white, and there are blue flowers with green stems amongst the fading. I'm either going to be using 100% polyester fabric that I have already or buy cotton.

The picture included is the grand scheme. (If it doesn't show, here is a link [url=""][/url] )

I think I'm going to split the 'painting' into parts, for example, do the flowers/stems first and then the fading. If I use No-Flow, when I do the fading, where there be a white line around the flowers/stem, even if it's done many days later? What about a 'resist'? I'd like to avoid outlines, what would you advise doing? Should I 'set' the flowers/steam before adding the pink fading (or the other way around and do the fading first)? Also, what would be the best way to tackle the fading? Will spraying the fabric with water and then letting the paint flow upwards work? Or should I use a sponge?

Since it's my first time, of course I'll be practicing on scrap fabric, but any tips or gameplans would be much appreciated!

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hi there,

If I were doing this I'd do the 'fading' portion of the painting first, with the areas that I wanted to later paint in with flowers 'masked off' with the [url=""]No-Flow[/url], set the pink, and then paint in the flowers, allowing the [url=""]No-Flow[/url] to remain and act as a bit of a resist.
I would also, most definitely do some testing on scrap fabric. The [url=""]No-Flow[/url] will slow down the spreading of the [url=""]Dye-Na-Flow[/url], but will not keep it from spreading completely so that is something you'll want to test/practice.
hope this helps!
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How much coverage does a 2oz (or 8oz) bottle of DNF provide? I guess I'm really asking how much I should buy, but estimated coverage is good (like if I were to paint only, a 2oz would cover how many sq inches or yards?
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