almacity almacity
i bought some "procion mx dye". how does this work on dying feathers for fly fishing? Is there a link available with a step by step process? thx D O
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pburch pburch
Feathers need to be dyed with an [URL=][U]acid dye[/U][/URL]. Although Procion MX and other [URL=][U]fiber reactive dyes[/U][/URL] are intended primarily for plant fibers, such as cotton, they can also be used as acid dyes by substituting an acid, such as vinegar, for the soda ash that is used to fix Procion MX dyes on cotton, and adding heat. See [URL=][U]Fiber reactive dyes on protein fibers[/U][/URL]. I'm afraid that using Procion MX dyes with soda ash would damage your feathers, so it's safer to follow an acid dyeing recipe, whether you do it with Procion dyes or with dyes that are specifically labeled as acid dyes.

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