keemasaurusrex keemasaurusrex
Hiya. I dyed my white duvet cover turquoise with I-Dye in my top loader. Though I opened the machine multiple times and spread out the fabric in addition to the agitation of the machine, I wound up with spots. I obviously need to come up with a solution, as this garment is the most prominent feature of my bedroom and I can't afford another! :)

There are a lot of spots. Not enough to be cool leopard spots, more like toddler cereal scattered on the ground. Messy looking.

Can I re-dye this tomorrow, and do something different? I did mistakenly add the salt before the garment in my haste to get things going. My dyeing experience is limited to hair, alas.

Thanks so much,

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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Try redyeing it and follow the instructions when adding the salt. That may have caused the spots or if the cover had any stains on it prior to dyeing that can also cause spots.

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